• Paul Ponlaphat


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Ten years ago or so we would just think to ourselves, “WHERE do I want to put my ads? A heavily populated place, perhaps? It must be expensive though but worth a shot. I mean, millions of people are going to see my ads”. Two months later, you end up in huge debt from renting a billboard that no one looks at because they are busy wandering around in their personal screens.

Now? First off, starting with the ‘where’ question, especially when you mean physical location, will get you nowhere. People still wander around like they always do for the past millennium, they just don’t look up anymore. They look down at their screens, digital devices e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops, whatever has internet connection. With programmatic advertising method, you leave the ‘where’ (and so much more) to the platform intelligence. What you need to tell the platform in order for your ad campaign to fly high is ‘who’ — “who do I want to put my ads for?"

By definition (you can just google this), ‘Programmatic’ is an ad buying method, typically referred to as the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders.

It's using machines to buy ads, basically.

With programmatic ad buying method, rather than buying ad spaces, you buy ad views. It means you can throw away guess work, sacred prayers, and good-luck charms out of the window because now you know for sure that your ads are being seen not by any typical Jane or regular Joe but by the exact group of people that you choose i.e. your target customers.

The efficiency of programmatic ad buying method is made possible by a little magic called ‘Pixel’, which works as a CCTV camera on your website monitoring how your customers shop, browse, hang out, or just leave with or without buying. Scenario one, if they buy and leave, your ads can follow them somewhere else to offer what they might like to get them to come back and buy more from you. Scenario two, if your ‘almost-customers’ leave without buying right at the check-out, your ads can follow them anywhere and remind them with what they almost buy, to bring them back and actually buy from you. Scenario three, people who shop around elsewhere for products that are very similar to yours are considered prospects, so they are shown with ads displaying products of their likings to increase the chance of those prospects becoming your customers.

And just to think ... all of this happens in just a matter of milliseconds.

Well, that part about programmatic already sounds wonderful and all, but it is only one small part of the work of wonders provided by what we call Precision Performance Marketing, that enables you to grab the attention of the right audience right down by their needs with the right type, look and format of marketing messages at the right moment.

Thanks to Data Management Platform (DMP), Precision Performance Marketing solutions today, one of the leading providers amongst others in the industry such as Media Console, can equip you with even more ways to deeply personalise your marketing messages to shoot your customers right between the eyes... metaphorically of course.

With Media Console partner, the full-stack programmatic advertising platform — Knorex XPO, you can amplify the way your customers are engaged your website, and the process started via sophisticated and personalised marketing messaging—displayed dynamic ads that capture your customers’ attention. With the use of built-in capabilities of XPO platform, you can even run split tests to learn more about your customers’ preferences and optimise your ad campaign even further. Cross-device & Cross-channel targeting is another capability that allows you to retarget your ads to follow your customers into very precise locations such as shops in malls or different rooms on different floors in a building.

And when some might sleep with one eye opened wondering their ads and precious products might appear on some porn or racist sight just because it is all just a machine work, XPO can block all sensitive categories by default to avoid serving ads in any of these red zones.

So in the words of popular culture to all advertisers, let’s just ... “Keep Calm and Go Programmatic.”

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